Former JAG Member Protects Your Rights In Military Courts

The Military Criminal Justice system and administrative processing to discharge can be overwhelming if you are charged or noticed for separation. While the military provides you free, outstanding counsel, sometimes there is value added in adding a civilian counsel to your team. Bradley J. Cordts, with close to 30 total years of active and reserve duty as a member of the judge Advocate General's Corps, brings extensive military and also civilian legal experiences to your aid. Bradley J. Cordts brings the unique perspective of having been both inside and outside the military system.

Many service members themselves are unfamiliar with legal processes for divorcing spouses and the jurisdiction issues concerning military retirement and child custody whether stationed states-side or stationed overseas. He has extensive experience helping you through the difficulties associated with the military aspects of divorce, child custody, military retirements and related matters effected by military service. This unique perspective helps in almost all areas of law the might affect you from local criminal cases, bankruptcy, accident cases, that occur to you while you are on active duty.

If you are military member and you need legal help, you should contact experienced military law attorney Bradley J. Cordts of Cordts Law Firm, PLLC.

And here's why: Mr. Cordts personally relates to the overall military experience, and events of a legal nature that can interrupt it.

He began his law practice in 1989 as a member of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) and risen to the rank of Navy Captain (O-6). He knows the problems of service persons, and their dependents, in fields of uncontested and contested divorce, and military justice and military administrative processing. Mr. Cordts has participated in criminal jury trials in the Navy as both defense counsel and prosecutor.

Work With A Military Lawyer Who Shares Your Dedication To Our Country — And Offers The Representation You Deserve

Bradley J. Cordts skillfully handles a wide range of issues for divorce and military justice clients, including:

  • Divorce, child custody, visitation, support and property division matters
  • Article 15 nonjudicial punishment and Article 32 hearings
  • Summary, special and general courts-martial
  • Boards of inquiry (officers)
  • Military retirement benefits for spouses
  • Administrative boards (enlisted members)

Whether you are divorcing or being divorced, stateside or on another continent during active duty — or seeking protection of your rights at trial for misconduct such as military discipline for any offense — you can benefit from Bradley J. Cordts' over 25 years of experience of service to those who have served us.

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