Are Your Wages Being Garnished In Tennessee?

Opening up your paycheck, or going online to confirm receipt of direct deposit compensation from your employer for a given pay period — then finding out that a significant portion of those wages have been garnished by a debtor, with the support of a court — is a shock to the system.

If mounting debt has come to rule your life, and you fear that wage garnishment may be your next grim reality, you do not have to take this treatment lying down. You can fight back with legal protections that are on "the books" to help people just like you.

U.S. federal bankruptcy law is just such a protection, and attorney Bradley J. Cordts knows all about it — at Cordts Law Firm, PLLC, in Memphis.

As your lawyer, Mr. Cordts also knows how to apply the law in your favor, especially features of Chapter 7 liquidation and Chapter 13 debt reorganization bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 liquidates all dischargeable debt for the "fresh start" you need. Under the Chapter 13 approach, you have three to five years to settle with your creditors, according to a comfortable payment plan. Meantime, your home, motor vehicles and other possessions are safe, thanks to the "automatic stay" of consumer bankruptcy; wage garnishment becomes a thing of the past; and creditor harassment will never make your life miserable again.

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