Has Creditor Harassment Become A Part Of Your Life?

For debtors trying to claw their way back to solvency, creditor harassment they receive can be blatant (phone calls to your home at all hours of the night) and subtle (creditors posing as law enforcement). Either way, it's undignified, unwelcome and humiliating.

If your mounting medical debt or credit card debt, for example, has gotten the better of you, and a creditor's representative has invaded your privacy with rude knocks on your door, you can stop this relentless treatment today — thanks to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and attorney Bradley J. Cordts' extensive knowledge of them.

At Cordts Law Firm, PLLC, consumer bankruptcy lawyer Bradley J. Cordts gives you and your Tennessee family every benefit of his 25 years of experience with guiding clients to true debt relief.

Mr. Cordts has the facts you need, and strategies you can follow, to eliminate dischargeable debt right away, or gradually reduce debt over a comfortable three- to five-year period. During that time, insulting creditor harassment no longer nags you on a daily basis. If a bank, lender, mortgage company or financial institution attempts to reach you while the "automatic stay" of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is in place, they do so at their peril.

You Have The Power To End Vicious Creditor Harassment — Contact Cordts Law Firm, PLLC

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